AVANSER Visual Website Optimizer Integration

AVANSER’s online integration allows call data to be reported into Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) so that call conversions can be attributed to VWO experiments. The call details are entered and measured against pre-set goals within VWO. The advantage of this is it allows call conversions to be viewed within the VWO platform, centralising the data and allowing direct attribution of call conversions to each different site being measured throughout the A/B Testing experiment.


How does the integration work?

When a customer makes a call to an AVANSER tracking number, AVANSER captures details such as the conversion type (missed, busy, abandoned or answered) and which number is being called. This information is then automatically sent to VWO where it is recorded and attributed to the page where the number is being displayed. The specific conversion type(s) tracked depends on Custom Goals set up within VWO. These conversion metrics will then be used by VWO to calculate the success of the individual web pages in the experiment.


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