AVANSER’s online integration allows call data to be reported into PIWIK. AVANSER’s integration can be customised to include additional key information about the call, ready for reporting (contact us for a full list of data). Calls pushed into PIWIK can also be selectively filtered, allowing the exclusion of calls that are not deemed relevant. The advantage of the AVANSER integration is linking call events to online marketing, further defining conversion and improving online tracking.


How does the integration work?

AVANSER code is included in the website to be tracked. When a visitor visits the tracked website, AVANSER reads the visitor’s cookie and uses the data to display a unique tracking number. If the visitor calls the displayed tracking number, AVANSER attributes the call to the specific source/medium/campaign from which the visit originated and automatically pushes that data to PIWK. The call is then entered into PIWIK along with the details of the call and which online marketing channel it is attributed to. These calls can then be set up as Goals to measure conversions and the cost per lead.


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